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Special Orders

Looking for something we don’t carry?

Want a wholesale quantity at a discount?

Our Special Orders program is designed to give you access to our entire catalog of available items.  Additionally, if you order case or bulk quantities, we can usually provide a 15% discount off the regular retail price.

Here’s How it Works

You fill out the form below with as much info as possible about the item that you want.
Our Buyers will hunt down the product and get it ordered on our next order to the relevant supplier.
We’ll email you once your items are in the store and ready for you to purchase.
You come and get your stuff!

Important Notes:

The more information you can provide, the more likely we’ll be able to process your order without delays.

The actual amount can vary depending on the item requested. If in doubt, leave a note in the comments section, so we can get the best idea of what you want.

If we need more info, we’ll email you at the address provided for further clarification.

If we run into limitations on specific items we will do our best to suggest alternatives that might be easier to get in a timely fashion.

While we source products from hundreds of suppliers, most of our bulk and special-order products come from less than a dozen sources. As a general rule of thumb:

  • Most shelf-stable grocery, bulk, frozen, and chill items ordered by Saturday night will arrive the following Wednesday.
  • Most fresh produce items ordered by Monday night will arrive on Friday, and most items ordered by Thursday night will arrive on Tuesday.