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Seasonal Favorites

What are our employees excited about in the store right now? Let’s find out …

Fresh Produce

Produce needs not be boring! Citrus brings all kinds of cheer during these dreary months. From Minneola Tangelos to Cara Cara Navel oranges, let the sweetness of winter fruits brighten your day. Roast up some root veggies for an easy meal plan this week. Make a big pan that includes turnips, potatoes, yellow beets, red onion, and some parsnips. Eat them hot out of the oven topped with Sunnyfield Chevre the first meal, as a side with a Midnight’s Farm beef burger the second night, then throw the rest in some bone broth for the rest of the week. It’s easy to eat your veggies!

Compostable Packaging

We just picked up a line of all-natural deodorant in a compostable push tube by Nutritive Body Care. Be on the lookout for more items with compostable and eco-friendly packaging. (Sneak peek: Shampoo and conditioner in aluminum bottles coming in early summer!!) We are always searching for eco packaging, so if you have any favorite brands let us know!

Gabriel Cosmetics

You can now find an exciting selection of Gabriel Cosmetics at Blossom! We are thrilled to offer such high quality cosmetics from a PNW based company. Founded by Gabriel De Santino in 1992, Gabriel Cosmetics Inc. originated as a botanical skincare company drawing on Gabriel’s personal influences and childhood experiences of homeopathic skincare and cosmetics.

Gabriel Cosmetics Inc. started with a vision of natural beauty and has evolved with the philosophy of sustainable individual natural beauty while continuing to advocate healthy living. This philosophy is translated through their organic skincare and vegan and gluten-free cosmetics, both collections created to bring out a woman’s natural existing beauty.

Wine O’clock

We have an ever-changing wine landscape over here at Blossom. We work with our experienced distributors to bring you an interesting and diverse selection of organic, biodynamic, natural yeast, and sustainably produced wine from this region and abroad. We offer a discount of 10% at six bottles and 15% at twelve bottles. Get some good French Beaujolais before the tariffs take effect!